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BOOKS by T.J. Speaks

JUBA - Poems That Dance



Even as a young dancer, I refused to question WHY

Mama strummed a mother's pain against a father's PRIDE

Seeing mister press hands toward a blood-filled SKY

Folklore bemoaning riverbeds stained with slave CRIES

Tears O'generations amid segregation to plodder LIFE

Blind debts foretelling hatred,  spewing black STRIFE

Bawling truths the middle passage ventured to HIDE

Erecting slave ships, with clandestine tales buried INSIDE

Songs from voices graved atop respect and humanity DENIED


Gonna swing ... prance, and do my pretty free black DANCE

Gonna keep my soul from standing bold in a plantation STANCE

Gonna plant trees by the bank along Thousand Mile RIVER

Gonna cast roots far and wide, like magnolias that TIMBRE

Gonna taste salts collected coast-side beneath metrical FEET 

Gonna make fertile hearts burlapped by benevolent SPEECH

Gonna sow seeds for harvest wit'soul-procity' UNDENIED

Gonna keep new roots soaked true, never questioning WHY

Gonna Lamba and Mora these black legs of mine ... and JUBA till I DIE 

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This folksy tale of self-discovery, finds Bailey Hannigan racing back to her roots in the Napa Valley - for what Grandpa Hannigan describes as 'important family business'. Through a series of dramatic twists designed to keep Bailey close to her destiny, she  begins to realize the bright Hollywood lights rest in her heart (and not on a hill). As she falls in line with Grandpa's glass-half-full plan, she catches the heart of an unlikely suitor who gives new meaning to the old adage  ... 'LOVE IS BLIND'
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