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TJ Speaks

Welcome to BaySickTALK

Our mission is to use social media, television, radio, book publishing and film distribution as standard tools to share the stories that matter most; stories that transform people's lives; stories that make viewers see themselves with a greater sense of purpose and personal fulfillment. 


All of us tell stories about ourselves (... and we don't mean the 'pants-on-firer' type, and not even the little white ones either. Our story is our truth, right?  It's our voice. To know someone is to know their story—and  believe it or not we want to know yours! 

C'mon, you can tell us!


We love to write whatever we can, whenever we can. But, we want you to dabble a little but, and share your TRUE story of hope and inspiration. We're looking to shout some viewer names during our next celebrity interview (could this be you?).

Don't worry, we wouldn't share the fine details.

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